• Bộ nguồn 1 chiều DC, 2 kênh mô phỏng pin Itech IT 6400

    IT6400 Dual-channel Dual-range DC Power Supply / Battery Simulator

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      12 months
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Lidinco provides multifunctional power supplies, DC power supplies, multi-adjustable power supplies from leading brands such as Keithley, Keysight, Siglent, Tektronix, Twintex, ITech … with clarifying CO and CQ.


DC power supply equipment is popularly used in many fields. The main use of this type of device is to convert an effective alternating voltage (AC) into direct current (DC) with an output that can be easily adjusted for voltage and current. With the electrically adjustable ability, it can supply power for various electronic devices and components. Due to this feature, the DC power supply is used in many different applications such as:

  • Laboratory experiments
  • Repairing and maintaining phones and laptops
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Vocational training equipment
  • Electrolysis, ionization
  • Antistatic
  • And many other applications

Some type of DC power supplies are being offered by Lidinco:

  • Linear power supply machine (Linear): high stability, low noise
  • Switching machine: compact design, light, high working efficiency
  • Programmable power supplies: allows precise adjustment of output parameters with high resolution, extremely low ripple for laboratory applications
  • High voltage power supplies (High Voltage): Can provide voltages up to thousands of volts for special applications

High-quality multi-function power supply product:

Contact us for free technical support in picking the appropriate DC power supply. We have a range of low-end, mid-end to high-end products. Moreover, Lidinco is also an official distributor of leading high-precision mechanical, analytical, telecommunication, and measuring equipment manufacturers. Our products are genuine with good prices and direct support from our experienced engineers.