The high precision chip counter, component counter is a useful device in checking the quantity of SMD electronic components quickly, saving time, cost, and effort.

What is the SMD counter?

This is simply a product that uses the photoelectric sensor principle to accurately and quickly count SMD components. Therefore, this is the most effective measuring tool used in raw materials management (IQC) and material preparation of factories and workshops.

Lidinco offers these types of chip counters:

Common parts counter:

It has simple operation mode and uses for small production lines or manufacturing and research areas that do not need to count components in large quantities.

Automatic component counter:

Using the X-Ray system for component inspection (roll tracking) allows for both counting and checking multiple rolls of SMD components at the same time. Another form of the modern component counter is direct on-line inspection, often used by component factories to check the quality of finished products, which allow roll counting and printing.

Special feature:

High accuracy and minimum error count.
Application for component SMD tape/reel packaging
Countable in both forward and reverse directions, with double check feature.
Simple, flexible and easy to use interface


Lidinco provides component counters, chip counters, SMD chip counter at reasonable prices, and warranty. The products are technically supported during the using process. Contact now or get a quote: