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High-voltage DC power supply is a special type of general-purpose power supply commonly used in specialized applications in the environmental industry, aerospace, electroplating, scientific analysis... high-voltage power supplies are capable of generating voltages from a few kV to several tens of kV are suitable for the initial alternating current

Where is the high voltage source used

This type of power source is widely used in research and development, where higher voltage is required to operate equipment under different conditions and create a special environment for testing.

Some special tests such as mass spectrometry, electron microscopes, X-ray inspection equipment, optical communications and space science experiments require strong electric fields for control and detection. electrons in the device. In these applications, high voltage is required to create a strong electric field, so a high voltage power supply is an extremely suitable device.

How to generate high voltage?

The most commonly used method to generate high voltages is to use a Cockcroft-Walton circuit (also known as an oscillator circuit). This circuit is a multistage combination of capacitors and diodes, as shown in the circuit diagram below. You can increase the number of stages in the Cockcroft-Walton circuit to further increase the voltage to the desired level.

Cockcroft Walton circuits are also known as CW circuits, Cockcroft Walton generators, or Cockcroft Walton multipliers.

What to keep in mind when buying a high voltage DC power supply?

1. Choose the right voltage level

For most types of power supplies, not just high-voltage power supplies, you need to choose equipment with a higher voltage than your application needs. Common types of power sources have power supply values ​​from a few kW to 10kW. Also, some devices have higher values ​​up to 100kV or more (based on beam firing technology)

2. Select the appropriate current level

Current is not as important a factor as voltage when choosing a high voltage source because the output current of this power supply is usually not too large. However, it is also advisable to choose a value that is roughly equal to the application you need

3. Select the function type of the power supply

Also depending on the application, you should choose a high-voltage source with different technology, different output such as power supply, then choose sources with normal output. Used for x-ray discharge, electroplating should choose sources with more special design

Where to buy high voltage power supply?

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