X-Prep series of high precision sample milling/polishing machines from Allied High Tech brand with high efficiency, saving sample handling costs. It is useful for sample preparation in the laboratory, researching components and materials with small dimensions and with super high precision.

Highlight Features:

  • X-prep is a dedicated CNC 5-axis milling/grinding/polishing machine designed to support electronic and physical error analysis techniques. It’s also used in sample preparation with high precision.
  • User-friendly interface. Integrate manuals through the screens. Each screen provides detailed instructions and options for the user. To ensure that parameters and functions are well defined before operating.
  • Automatically adjusts the sample inclination parallel to the X / Y plane of the cutting tool. Then achieve high accuracy when using.
  • Quiet operation with the noise level only 15-20 dB
  • 3D software modules to add optional features including automatic 3D mapping, convex and concave deprocessing, and visualization operation profiles.
  • Automatic/pneumatic collet system allows for easy tools changing.

Besides, there’s X-Prep Vision product uses for measuring materials such as silicon substrates and transparent semiconductors. Which is capable of analyzing very small materials.

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