Energy from power sources, batteries, chargers, and solar systems need regular inspection and analysis to prevent errors and effectively control. In addition to common measuring devices such as clamp meter, oscilloscope, and signal analyzer. Lidinco also offers high-demand and high-efficiency energy analysis testing systems.

Some types of energy analysis systems we provide:

• Battery charge and discharge test system:
Ability to test large quantities of 100 to 200 batteries at the same time. Helping to save time and operating costs for factories, companies, and manufacturing facilities in the battery and energy sectors. Compact, space-saving modular system. Easy to manipulate and manage via software.

• Test the power supply:
Provides up to 80 tests, can operate up to 8 systems simultaneously. The system includes many integrated components to test, analyze, and maintenance of the testing of AC and DC power supplies, power converters, chargers, car chargers, and other test products.

• Electric Vehicle Home AC charging inspection system:
This specialized product checks the compatibility of electric vehicle chargers. The system saves operating costs, labor, and improves work efficiency. Support charging device safety testing, checking charging voltage, charging signal, charging time, efficiency, and disturbance.

• Solar battery test software:
Used to check and monitor the operation mode of solar panels. The product is used to check the properties of the solar cell under the changes of factors such as temperature, light, ... to the battery's performance. In addition, it also applies to short-circuit, open-circuit, peak voltage, peak resistance. Contact Lidinco, a genuine distributor of measuring equipment, analysis systems, testing equipment, electronic components, telecommunications, precision engineering now for free support:


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