Gas spring applies in many important fields such as medicine, industry, agriculture, and furniture. Lidinco offers genuine spring gas products from the top brand Stabilus.

What is the gas spring?

Gas spring is a type of spring. But unlike mechanical spring that works on elastic deformation. The gas spring uses compressed air contained in a cylinder that is locked (sealed) by a sliding piston. By pushing into the piston rod, the volume in the cylinder is reduced and the air compressed. Therefore, the spring gas force increases gradually depending on the diameter of the piston rod and the volume of the cylinder.

Type of gas spring:

Non-Locking Gas Springs:

Designed for controlled motion sequences, the LIFT-O-MAT series Stabilus non-lock air springs provide force support to ensure consistent and safe weight distribution for the user. This product uses a defined speed curve, which simplifies opening and closing movement.

Locked Gas Spring:

Stabilus's BLOC-O-LIFT gas spring series ensures safe, user-friendly opening, closing, and positioning movements. Depending on the desired configuration, this product is available in rigid or elastic locking in the direction of tension and compression.

Application of gas spring:

Gas spring has been used in a variety of fields such as:
Car and automobile manufacturing industry: used as a door-support, rack, lift car, ...
Furniture: gas spring is used to produce office chairs, lift cabinets, electrical cabinets, lift shelves,.
Industry: supermarket automatic push prices, auto lifting fields.
Medical: chair, bed, medical trolley in hospital.

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