In the field of noise analysis, in addition to the noise meter being an indispensable device, the simulation and sound analysis software plays an important role in the planning and design of construction works.

SoundPlan sound simulation software

SoundPlan is a professional and powerful sound simulation software. This software allows you to simulate the impact sounds from any sound source on the surrounding environment.

With the powerful predictions of this software, you can easily predict whether the sound from any sound source will have a large impact on the surrounding environment to take appropriate countermeasures if there is any pollution. noise pollution occurs

Cype . architectural noise prediction software

Cype is one of the brands that specializes in providing sound measurement software, mainly for analyzing sound in building architecture.

With Cype's software you can easily simulate the sound reflected from the floors in the architecture or the sound absorption of walls and objects in the room when the sound is emitted from a sound source.

Reputable noise simulation software provider

With many years of experience in the field of distribution of noise meters, noise measurement solutions. Lidinco is pleased to bring customers many other sound measurement solutions such as:

  • Simulate engine sound
  • Environmental noise simulation
  • Construction noise simulation

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