Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzers Siglent SVA1015X, 9 KHz~1.5 GHz


Vector Network Analyzer Siglent SNA5002A 9kHz ~ 4.5GHz


Vector Network Analyzer Siglent SNA5014A 9kHz ~ 8.5GHz


Vector Network Analyzer Siglent SNA5012A 9kHz ~ 8.5GHz


Vector Network Analyzer Siglent SNA5004A 9kHz ~ 4.5GHz


N5225B PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer, 50 GHz


N5239B PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer, 8.5 GHz


Vector Network Analyzer E5061B, 5Hz to 3GHz


Vector Network Analyzer E5063A, 5Hz to 18GHz


The vector network analyzer is an important equipment used to test electric components such as amplifiers, mixers, inverters, telecommunications equipment, radio, and television.

Vector network analyzer function

A vector network analyzer is used to measure the performance of circuits or networks such as amplifiers, filters, attenuators, cables, and antennas. It works by using a test signal to the device or network under test. Measures reflected and transmitted signals. Then compare them with test signals. A network analyzer (Vector network analyzer) measures both the magnitude and phase of these signals.

Why you need to test RF components

Engineers need to measure these components to test simulated samples. As for component manufacturers, it is necessary to ensure product performance in order to provide consumers the correct specifications. Some of the equipment and components that can be tested include: Passive electronic components (those can be operated without a power supply): Duplexers, detectors, filters, couplers, splitters, combiners, isolators Cup, Circulator, Attenuator, Adapter, Load, Cable, Line, Antenna and Coupler, multiplexer, etc. Active devices: RFICs, Transceivers, Tuners, converters, amplifiers, modulators, and oscillators, etc.


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