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SSG5060X-V RF Signal Generator 6GHz IQ mode


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RF Signal Generators Twintex SG-150


RF signal generator (high frequency) is measurement equipment specialized in electronic engineering. This is an effective support machine for engineers, who assemble, repair, and manufacture electronic equipment in fault detection and signal conversion.

Highlight Features:

The signal generator or RF signal generator is capable of modulating a variety of signal waves: sine wave, square wave, DC with custom frequency, amplitude, and cycle.

Type of RF Signal Generator:

Most of RF radio transmitters use frequency synthesis technology. This technique allows the frequency to be adjusted directly from the computer or through the controller. Accuracy depends on an internal reference oscillator. There are two main techniques used in synthesized radio frequency signal generators:

Phase-locked loop synthesizer:

Phase-locked loop synthesizers are used in most RF signal generators because they allow signals to be generated over a wide frequency range with relatively low levels of simulated signals.

Direct Digital Synthesizer:

Direct digital synthesizers can be used in RF signal generators. They allow for easy frequency increasing. However, the maximum limit of the DDS is usually much lower than the highest frequency required for the signal generator. Therefore, it’s used in conjunction with phase-locking loops to provide the required frequency range.


An RF radio transmitter provides these following main functions:

Frequency range:

The frequency range specification of the RF signal generator is very essential. So you need to check out carefully how much frequency your equipment is using to choose the right signal generator. For example, when testing a receiver in a device (cell phone or any other radio receiver). It is necessary to check not only the operating frequency but also other frequencies such as the magnetic ratio. image rejection, etc.

Output level:

The output range for the RF signal generator is controlled with a high precision level. The output in the test device itself is maintained at a constant level. Then passing through a high-level variable attenuator. The normal level output range can be from -127dBm to +13 dBm.

Signal Modulation:

Ability to modulate output signals such as AM, FM, and PM, IQ for research and development, education, and production. With complex modulation formats for other applications such as mobile communications and telecommunications, the capabilities of RF signal generators must become more flexible. Some RF transmitters allow complex modulation formats such as QPSK, QAM. Signal generators supporting complex modulation formats are commonly known as vector signal generators.


There are many options to control the RF signal generator such as using the control panel directly on the unit or through the remote control via phone or computer. Models can integrate with other media for easy management of your specifications.

Sweep function:

This is also an important function to keep in mind before purchasing an RF signal generator. You should consider the sweeping mode of the machine, sweeping frequency, range, and mode to find the right machine for your needs.

Authentic RF Signal Generator:

RF signal generators are used in radio-related laboratories. These testers have a wide range of applications for mobile devices to communication devices, transmitters and transmitters, and wireless products including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,... You should find and buy signal generators from the genuine, reputable, good customer service company. Lidinco is proud to be a genuine distributor of leading measuring, analyzing, and telecommunications equipment. Contact Lidinco now for the best support:


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