Chauvin Arnoux CA 1246 Thermo-hygrometer


Infrared Thermometer Matrix MTM-303 (-50°C ~ 880°C)


Infrared Thermometer Matrix MTM-302 (-50°C ~ 680°C)


Infrared Thermometer Matrix MTM-301 (50°C ~ 480°C)


Infrared Thermometer Matrix MTM-304

Available: 2

Thermo-hygrometers help you easily track the weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, and CO2. These equipment are compact with conventional LCD screens.

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This meter is applied in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, factories, companies. It helps easily track the surrounding environment for fixing the problems in time. Then, fix the environmental factors to bad effects on human health, machinery, equipment, and goods. Lidinco Company specializes in genuine distribution: modern, professional, and high quality, temperature, humidity, and CO2 environmental meters. Besides, Lidinco provides a lot of electronic measuring equipment, specialized equipment in factories, companies, and warehouses. 

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