Return And Refund Policy


Return and refund policy

Customers can return the product in case:
– The products are defective by manufacturer
– Products are not the same as description on the Website
– Products received does not have enough quantity as the customer ordered
– Products received are peeling, broken

Terms of exchange or return:
– Returned goods must be full of accompanying accessories (cables, measuring sticks, instructions for use)
– Returned goods must be distributed by Lidinco company
– Returned goods must have VAT invoices and accompanying documents
– The goods have encountered defects due to manufacturer.
– Returned goods must be in the same appearance as the delivered product (not scratched or dented).

Time to return goods is 7 days from the date of receipt. You can switch to other models of the same or different models. The converted value will be 95% of the original value of the machine and all differences should be deducted.

Refund policy:

Within 3 days from the date of receipt, if you have anything unsatisfied with the product or the product does not meet the needs of use, you may request a refund. The refund value will be equal to 85% of the value of the product for amortization of some shipping costs, as well as on the condition of the product.

Note: You will be charged a refund fee