Soldering Stations Solomon SR-998 15W-60W


Resolder Station Solomon SL-30 48W 160 – 480°C

Available: 7

Desoldering Station Solomon SL-928 48W 210 – 480°C

Available: 5

Soldering Robot Waterun S515


Soldering Robot Waterun S514


Soldering Robot Waterun S513


Máy hàn Atten AT937, 50W


Rework Station Solomon SR-073


Soldering Robot Waterun S516


Soldering Robot Waterun S513-300


Soldering station and desoldering station are popularly applied in soldering and desoldering of components, ICs, chips, circuit boards. Each type of specialized product supports technicians effectively in the inspection, production, and repair process. Let's take a look at the main functions of these products:

Soldering stations:

The soldering station is a versatile solder designed to soldering electronic components. This type of machine is mainly used in the electronics sector. The soldering station consists of one or more soldering tools connected to a controller (for temperature control). The soldering stations may include many accessories such as - brackets, replaceable torch heads, etc. These products also classified into many types depending on their functions such as digital, analog soldering machines, ...

Hot-Air Rework Stations:

Hot-air rework stations are widely used in heating, removing lacquer, heat shrinking, reducing, and soldering components. Is a useful device when repairing and assembling component. Let you quickly and easily attach or remove components such as SOICs, BGAs, ICs, and PLCCs from the circuit board.

Desoldering Station:

The opposite of soldering is called desoldering. It is the operation of removing solder and other components attached to the circuit board. The solder joints are removed by the desoldering station. For this purpose, a small vacuum pump is used to avoid damaging the circuit board or affecting other components.

Soldering and desoldering iron station:

As a high-end product that combining both soldering and desoldering features. So users can achieve better work results.

Other accessories:

Besides, there are other accessories to assist in the soldering process of electronic components such as soldering mat, wick, tweezers, flux pen,…

Final Thought:

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