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Automatic inspection system AOI and AXI X-ray machines are used in the process of testing, controlling, and evaluating the quality of electronic components in a professional, high-precision, and efficient way.

Automated Optical Inspection AOI:

This is automatic visual inspection equipment of printed circuit board (PCB), LCD, or transistor. Where a camera automatically scans the device under test (DUT) for both possible errors (e.g. missing, incorrect parts) and quality checking (such as the size or shape of the components). This product is often used as the non-contact test method in the manufacturing process. And applying in many stages including bare board testing, soldering cream test (SPI), testing before and after reflow, component defect checking, and other stages.

Automatic X-Ray Inspection Machine (AXI):

An automatic X-ray inspection machine (AXO) is technology equipment based on the same main principle as the AOI machine. But instead of optical light, it uses X-rays to automatically check for invisible functions.

Operation principle:

While the AOI test produces the full-colored images of the object's surface. The AXI machine then transmits X-rays through the object and records the grayscale image. X-rays are produced by an X-ray tube, usually located just above or below the object being examined. A detector located on the opposite side of the subject records images of the X-rays that are passed through the object. The detector can both convert the X-rays into visible images (taken with an optical camera). Or test directly using an X-ray sensing array. The device under test can be photographed at higher magnification by moving it closer to the X-ray tube or at a lower magnification closer to the detector.


This product is used to check for missing parts of components, circuit boards in positions that are obscured or not visible on the surface. At the same time be able to check the quality of the soldering joints (cracks, fractures, openings, internal air bubbles).

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Both AOI and AXI machines support each other in the process of checking, controlling, and evaluating the quality of electronic components. In Vietnam, Lidinco is the distribution representative of AOI, AXI manufacturers with good price, high quality, and experienced technical support team. 

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