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Flat Lapping Machine ENGIS Hyprez EJ610T


FastLap Lapping Machines & Polishing Machines


Grinding, lapping, and polishing machines are the perfect solutions for processing and finishing surfaces (metals, wafers, samples ...) with high precision.

Highlight Features:

Diamond Lapping Technology:

- Fast
- High efficiency
- Cleaner
- Environment Friendly

The lapping machine provided by Lidinco uses diamond lapping technology (diamond slurries or powders). Diamond grinding has many outstanding advantages over conventional abrasives: higher abrasion ability, environmental friendliness by creating less grinding chips, reducing handling costs, and easy cleaning.

High precision:

Besides the advantages of diamond lapping technology, the lapping systems at Lidinco also provide extremely high accuracy. Some systems are capable of processing many grinding samples at the same time, bringing great efficiency and saving a lot of time in the grinding process.

Application in many industries:

Lapping machines are used in many industries such as:

- Valves manufacture.
- Automatic industry
- Pumps manufacture
- Pneumatic industry
- Electronics industry

The commonly used materials include iron and steel, ceramic, tungsten, resin, stainless steel, carbon, silicon, copper,…

Buy Genuine Products:

Lidinco is the representative distribution company for the Engis brand. With more than 70 years of experience in grinding, flat grinding, and polishing industries, Engis is able to create grinding systems with extremely high flatness up to 0.5 nm RA or better. Engis systems can handle almost any surface type of solid materials including metals, ceramics, glass, semiconductors, photovoltaic materials, and today's most advanced materials. This company has the ability to customize equipment and accessories to suit the needs in the most economical price range for customers.

Lidinco offers the following machines:

- Lapping machine
- Flat grinding machine
- Lapping and polishing machine

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