Frequency counter SP1500B, 1HZ ~ 1.5GHz

5.850.000đ 7.500.000đ

Multi-function Counter 2500B


Multi-function Counter SP3000B


Multi-Function Counter MCP SP3386


Frequency Counter Rohde & Schwarz HM8123, 3GHz


Frequency counter FC1024, 10Hz ~ 2.4GHz


Frequency counter Tektronix FCA3003, 0.001Hz ~ 3GHz


The frequency counter is a device widely used to measure electrical signal frequencies, period, ratio, time interval,... with high accuracy.

Application Frequency Counter

• Determine the frequency of the pulse received from the pulse generator

• Measure the frequency of the input signal at the transmitter and receiver on the line, electronic oscillator, linear frequency (RF)

• Used in data transmission.

• Detect high-capacity data transmission frequency

The frequency counter is a specialized measuring device, widely used in the electronic field. The machine is integrated with many outstanding functions. High resolution can handle the smallest details of time-frequency variation. Besides, frequency counter displays multi-parameter about measuring frequency and cycle rate, peak-to-peak voltage, approx, error time, pulse, duty cycle, maximum voltage,…

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