Lidinco provides genuine coax cable surge protective devices, feeder, RF equipment. Protection of equipment in television and telecommunications, information transmission and internal network. These devices use the main technology of the gas discharge tube (GDT) with high lightning cutting ability. Connector type has BNC, F, TNC, N, ... impedance from 50 - 70 Ohm to protect equipment and transmission lines when subjected to large currents from lightning. Not only that, the telecom lightning protection product line provided by Lidinco also protects electrical equipment from electromagnetic pulses EMP by high voltage DC blocks.

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Telecommunication, radio, television and information transmission equipment are easily damaged by lightning and electromagnetic impulses. Therefore, proper inspection and maintenance should be carried out to protect and prolong the life of the equipment as well as the safety of the user. If you are looking to buy lightning protection products to protect your telecommunications equipment, Lidinco is proud to be an experienced product distributor in this field. With genuine products, professional and enthusiastic support technicians. Contact us now:

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