Glue, Hot Melt, Silicone, Electric Contact Grease...

Silicone sealant is used for manufacturing, production lines, factories, and repairing facilities for machinery and electronic equipment. While electrical contact grease is effective in protecting pipes, equipment, electrical connections against unwanted impacts from the environment.

Silicone sealant for electronic components:

Silicone sealants are widely used in many fields. However, Lidinco only offers products that are used for the electronic area. This special product must ensure the ability to withstand large voltages, currents, corrosion resistance, and excellent adhesion. Featured product: ShinEtsu Silicone sealant

Electrical contact grease:

Electrical contact grease is a conductive substance commonly used to prevent corrosion and rust in electromagnetic terminals in low high-voltage electrical switches. These products prevent the attack from acids, salts, moisture, industrial chemical vapors, and other corrosive deposits on copper, aluminum, steel, and wire surfaces. The benefits of electrical contact grease are to resist corrosion and lubricate connections for maintenance.


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