Fiber optic tester, OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer) is an optical device used to test fiber optic cables. Additionally, this machine can find fiber optic cable breakpoints for troubleshooting.

Highlight Features:

With rapid advances in fiber optic technology, OTDR testing methods have become critically important for the construction, certification, maintenance, and troubleshooting of fiber optic systems. Fiber optic testers have these outstanding features:

Test fiber properties accurately:

OTDR meters are capable of accurately testing the parameters of fiber optic cables. Thus, it is possible to check the properties and conditions of the fiber optic cable for various purposes such as acceptance, calibration, repair, and inspection. The processed parameters can be mentioned as fiber capacity, PON power, OTDR measurement, attenuation measurement, cut point determination.

Compact and easy to use:

OTDR meters are also compact and easy to use. Graphical display of measurement results helps users keep track of technical parameters easily and conveniently.

Effective data management:

Measurement results are saved as original data or separate files for download. Some models also allow screen capture for quick storage. This feature supports management and efficiency testing for users.


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