In the process of using a multimeter (VOM), measuring rods are an indispensable accessory for technicians to perform measurements. than. Here are some criteria for you to choose to buy a good set of test leads for your VOM watch

Criteria for choosing to buy a multimeter meter

- Measurement parameters: similar to a multimeter, the measuring rod also has its own parameters. To ensure that the measuring stick can work properly, you need to choose the type of rod with the right value for the meter's measuring range. For example, your VOM meter allows voltage (1000V), current (10A) measurements you should choose a probe with a minimum value of 1000V, 10A or higher

- Type of probe tip: the tip of the probe is one of the important criteria to ensure your measurement is done smoothly or not. In most cases the normal supplied test strip will solve the basic problem well, but in cases where continuous measurement is required, this can't be done because you can't just keep using your hands. Hold the probe like that.

Then alligator clamps or holders will help you measure more easily. For testing glued components, tweezers or spiked multimeters will be of great help.

- Safety: One of the other factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing to buy a measuring stick is the safety of the wire. When making measurements, you may be exposed to currents with voltage values ​​up to 1000, 2000V. If you choose low-quality test leads, it will sometimes be in direct danger to life

Where to buy VOM meter probe?

As for measuring rods for VOM watches, Lidinco is pleased to bring you quality products from many famous brands such as Tektronix, Keysight or popular product lines from Taiwan or China.

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