LCR meter is a specialized device to measure the value of components such as capacitance, inductance and resistance. Because the size and shape of the components are quite different

There are large-sized components, there are small-sized components, so choosing the right clamp to perform the measurement is extremely necessary and the kevin clamp is a commonly used accessory for this type of meter. this
Kevin clamp test leads for LCR . meters

In addition, to measure SMD glued components, you can also use another type of probe, a tweezer clamp. This type of probe has a pointed tip that can be used to precisely clamp the contact on the glued component making measurements easier and more efficient.

Tweezer clamp for LCR . meter

Where to buy test strips for LCR meters?

With over 10 years of experience in the field of distribution of measuring equipment, Lidinco is currently providing a line of test leads for LCR meters with different models and brands depending on user requirements.

Lidinco provides test leads for capacitors, inductances, and resistances from Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese brands with diverse prices, stable quality that can be used for many purposes from repair basic to laboratory research measurement

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