Programmable Linear AC Power Sources Gwinstek APS-7050


Programmable AC Power Supply Itech IT7300 series


High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator Itech IT7900EP series


Programmable AC power supply (also known as AC Programable Power Source) is a device used to convert the AC 220V input voltage from the residential power grid into an adjustable AC voltage at the output with a value that can be easily change depending on the parameters of the device

Different from other conventional AC to AC converters. Programmable AC power supplies allow you to adjust output with much greater accuracy and stability than conventional AC power supplies

Features of the AC programmable power supply

1. Convert fixed AC voltage to adjustable AC
2. Convert 1-phase current to 1-phase or 3-phase easily
3. Output voltage and current can be parameter programmed with high precision
4. Ability to operate with high stability and continuity

Where to buy programmable AC power supplies?

As a highly specialized device, when buying programmable power supplies, you need to choose to buy units with long experience in the market to be able to buy quality equipment, with receipts and special features. especially with clear technical support from the supplier

Lidinco with more than 10 years of experience in the distribution of electrical measuring equipment in particular and AC power supplies in general. Lidinco provides products from many different brands such as Twintex, Matrix and many other brands upon request, please contact us using the information below for assistance in choosing the right product. best


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