Current Probe Siglent CP6500


Current Probe Siglent CP6150


Current Probe Siglent CP6030A


Current Probe Siglent CP6030


Current Probe Siglent CP4070A


Current Probe Siglent CP4050


Current Probe Siglent CP4020


Oscilloscope AC Current Probe Micsig ACP1000


Rogowski AC Current Probe Micsig RCP500


High Voltage Differential Probe Micsig DP10007, 100 MHz


High Voltage Differential Probe DP750-100


In addition to providing electronic measuring devices, Lidinco also provides test leads and accessories to support the electrical measurement process so that engineers can complete their measurement work quickly and efficiently. most effective

Some lines of measuring rods that Lidinco is providing

1. Test probe holders: Sensepeek probe holders make the electrical measurement process on circuit boards simpler, especially suitable for laboratories or related repair areas. Requires high-precision manipulation for a long time

2. Multimeter test leads: the test leads that come with the multimeter often do not guarantee quality, especially with cheap product lines or during the time of use, the tip of the probe is worn down. accuracy when making measurements. Lidinco offers high quality removable VOM meter probes, making it safer to use as well as ensuring the accuracy of your measurements.

3. Oscilloscope probe: an oscilloscope is a high-end measuring device that can perform many different measurement functions, each measurement function needs a separate measuring lead to be able to function properly. corpse. Some lines of osciloscope probes are being provided by Lidinco such as:

- Oscilloscope high pressure probe
- Logic meter
- Current probe

4. Test leads for LCR meters, pulse generators, spectrum analyzers: in addition to the above popular test probes, Lidinco also provides test strips for many other measuring devices from many different brands, please Contact Lidinco for advice and support to choose the right accessories for your requirements

Where to buy test leads and accessories for electrical measuring equipment?

Lidinco with many years of experience in the field of distributing electronic measuring equipment, we are pleased to bring you all kinds of imported genuine measuring probes and accessories with the best quality and competitive price. depending on your usage needs.

Lidinco's measuring rods are imported from many different brands and countries such as the US, Europe, Japan, to cheap product lines of China or Taiwan. Please contact and send inquiry to us using the information below


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Phone: 028 3977 8269 / 028 3601 6797

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