Auto tape dispenser ELM M-1000

Available: 3

Auto tape dispenser RT-3700

Available: 2

Automatic tape dispenser Yaesu Zcut 9GR

Available: 10

Auto Tape Dispensers Yaesu ZCUT-10


Automatic tape dispenser Zcut-200


Automatic tape dispenser RT-7700


Automatic tape dispenser Yaesu Zcut 870

Available: 4

Automatic tape dispenser RT3000


Automatic Label Dispeners X130


Automatic label dispenser LSH60, LSH120, LSH180


Automatic label dispenser 118C


Auto lable dispenser machine X100


Lidinco distributes and supplies automatic tape dispenser and label separators of reputable brands with competitive prices and supportive customer service.


Reduce labor cost:

With large production lines, automated products help save labor with simple tasks such as cutting tape, stickers, and adhesive tapes. As a result, it improves productivity, reduces costs, and achieves higher efficiency.

Cut multiple types of tape at the same time:

With diverse needs in packaging. Automatic tape dispensers are capable of cutting small sizes of 3mm tapes to large rolls several centimeters. Not only that, but the machine can also be used with many different types of tape without being picky.

Faster splitting and cutting speed:

The tapes are cut in a very short time, with high productivity and efficiency. Besides, the tape has the same size and can be adjusted to suit each purpose. The automatic label dispensers also save a lot of time and effort for users.


These are some application of tape cutting machines, automatic label separators:

- Electronic field Cable and wire
- Car
- Food
- Pharmacy
- Garment
- Packaging

Buy automatic tape and label dispenser with good price and high-quality:

Currently, Lidinco is supplying automatic tape cutting machines from two Korean brands (Ezmro) and Yaesu (Japan). The two best-selling product lines of these two brands: the RT3700 and ZCUT9. Which are sure to bring your satisfaction, helping your work done in the fastest way. Contact us for more information: Lidinco 

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