Vibration is one of the factors that are evaluated a lot in this day and age. Vibration test is one of the most used measurements for most types of machinery and equipment before leaving the factory.

The standard of a vibration measurement is usually calculated according to national, international standards or the manufacturer's own standards, so the provision of vibration measurement solutions needs to follow certain criteria.

Vibration measurement solutions are being provided by Lidinco

1. Solution for measuring engine vibration

The engine is an integral part of most machines. When working, the motor will emit vibration, the level of vibration of the motor can directly affect the machine's ability to operate. Therefore, solutions for measuring and analyzing motor vibrations are of great interest today

2. Machine vibration measurement solution

Machines and electrical equipment are indispensable things in today's life. The vibration of electrical equipment can directly affect the machine's ability to work as well as the user's experience. Therefore, monitoring the vibration of electrical equipment at the factory is also one of the solutions that Lidinco provides quite a lot today for many factories and workshops across the country.

3. Construction vibration measurement solution

Construction vibration is one of the factors that have received a lot of attention in recent times. Lidinco also provides most solutions and vibration meters for vibration monitoring of constructions according to national and international standards.

4. Product vibration measurement solution

The products or details in each product is also one of the things that should be considered in terms of vibration testing. A typical example is the seats in traffic vehicles, if the vehicle's seats have a high level of comfort, minimizing the impact of shock vibrations or vibrations from the engine transmitted to the user will help improve get the user experience

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