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The power supply, the power source is capable of supplying power to electrical equipment when needed. The power supplies have a variety of applications for repairing phones, laptops, cars, motorcycles, camping, industrial equipment. 

Types of Power Supply: 

DC Power Supply: 

This type of device is capable of converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). With a regulator at the output, the DC power supplies allowing adjustment of the output voltage and current. Making it suitable for powering a variety of devices such as phones, laptops, components, and a variety of applications such as ion plating, anti-static, particulate filtration, etc. 

Some common types of DC power supplies such as linear, switching, programmable and high voltage power supplies. 

AC power supply: 

AC power supply is a specialized device to convert power from the residential power network into an output with a voltage much lower or several times larger. In addition, it can also convert single-phase AC into three-phase or vice versa. With this feature, AC power is often applied to power large electrical equipment or industrial electrical equipment. 

Where to buy: 

There are many power supply products on the market with different prices and uses. Lidinco is proud to be the genuine distributor for leading brands such as Twintex, Siglent, Keysight, Tektronix, ITech, GenVolt with good prices and a team of experienced technicians. In addition, Lidinco also provides products for dummy DC loads, electronic loads, power meters, professional semiconductor testing equipment. Contact us now: 


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