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Switching DC Power Supply SP3005 30V-5A

Available: 106

DC Power Supplies Twintex TP-4305N, 0~30V/0~5A x2, 2.2~15V/1A x2

Available: 1

DC Power Supplies Twintex TP1305EC, 0~30V/0~5A

Available: 13

DC Power supply Twintex TP2305E, 02 output, 30V/5A

Available: 11

DC Power supply Twintex TP2305TK, 03 Output, 30V/5A/3A

Available: 8

DC Power supply TP 3010, 30V/10A, 100mV/10mA

Available: 3

High Precision Triple-channel Linear DC Power Supply Matrix MPS-6005H-3 3 CH

Available: 2

High Precision Triple-channel Linear DC Power Supply Matrix MPS-3005H-3 3 CH

Available: 3

Linear DC Power Supply Matrix MPS-6005D+ (60V/5A)

Available: 5

"Programmable Linear DC Power Supply Matrix MPS-3033X (1mV/1mA) "

Available: 2

Power supply Matrix MPS-3206 (32V/6A)

Available: 4

DC Power Supplies Siglent SPD1305X, 0~30V/0~5A

Available: 1

DC Power Supplies Siglent SPD1168X, 0~16V/0~8A

Available: 1

DC power supply Twintex SP1505, 15V/5A

1.190.000đ 1.550.000đ

DC Power supply Twintex TP2303E, 02 out put, 30V/3A


DC Power supply Twintex TPM-3010E, 30V/10A, 1mV/1mA


DC Power supply Twintex TPM 3003 – Taiwan, 36V/3A/6A, 1mV/1mA


DC Power supply Twintex TPM 3005, 36V, 5A


DC power supply Twintex SP3010, 30V/10A

3.100.000đ 3.500.000đ
Available: 6

DC power supply Twintex TP4305 – Taiwan


DC power supply Twintex TP4303 – Taiwan


DC Power supply Twintex TP 3305U, 03 Output, 0 ~ 30V/5A


DC Power supply Twintex TP30102, 02 output, 30V/10A


Single Output Switching DC Power Supplies TP1H-50S


Programmable Precision DC Power Supply Twintex PPW-15H60 151V/6.1A


Switching DC power supplies TP60-30S 60V 30A


DC power supply Twintex TP1H-10S, 100V/10A/1000W


DC Power supply Twintex TP60052, 02 output, 60V/5A


Programmable Switching DC Power Supply Twintex PPW 8015, 80V/15A


Programmable Switching DC Power Supply Twintex PPW 2045, 20V/45A


Programmable Switching DC Power Supply Twintex PPW 1560, 15V/60A


Bench/System/ATE Programmable DC Power Supply 60V/20A TTI CPX400DP


Programmable Power Supply is a line of specialized DC power supplies commonly used for research applications that require stable and high accuracy and low ripple output voltage and current. noise during use

How to choose to buy a DC programming power supply?

In almost every job, choosing the right equipment for your needs is extremely important. So when buying a programming power supply, what factors should you consider choosing? Please refer to the selection factors below

1. Output voltage

The output voltage is a particularly important factor, it directly affects whether you can use the device or not. To ensure your power supply can operate stably, choose an output voltage that is larger than the application you are doing. Common values ​​of output voltage are usually 30V, 60V

2. Output current

Similar to voltage, output current is also one of the factors that you need to pay special attention to when choosing to buy your device. Selecting equipment with a lower current capacity than your application may cause your work to fail

3. Resolution

As mentioned above, most engineers or technicians when looking for a programmable power supply require a device that can supply output current and voltage with high resolution. Therefore, depending on the requirements of the application, you should choose the device with the appropriate resolution

4. Number of output channels

As a secondary but also quite important factor, if your work needs to be done with high efficiency, choose products with 2 or 3 outputs instead of choosing common 1 output products.

Applications of programmable DC power supplies

1. Electric vehicle industry

Brushless DC motors are commonly used in electric vehicles. Programmable DC power is the ideal input for these control systems. Voltage and current variable control ensures a stable development and testing environment.

2. Solar panel

Solar panels have no linear voltage/current/resistance specifications. Simulation of solar panel performance can be done with programmable power supplies with built-in solar simulation.

3. Electroplating

Compared to the old transformer/rectifier solution, a programmable source with high resolution and accuracy is one of the great substitutes for high-end electroplating processes. High precision and output parameter stability mean you can get consistent results every time.

4. Aerospace

Durability and reliability under adverse conditions are the minimum requirements in the aerospace industry. The programming source is well suited for these applications

5. Semiconductor industry

Low output noise level is a prerequisite in applications where semiconductors are being developed/simulated and tested. Programable power supplies are devices with low output ripple voltage, providing optimal overvoltage protection for semiconductor devices.

In addition, the device is also widely used in a number of fields such as:

6. Telecommunications

7. Brushless DC motor

8. LED lighting test

Where to buy voltage and current programmable power supplies?

As a product that requires high technicality, when choosing to buy this power supply, you should choose long-term and reputable suppliers in the market. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of distribution of electrical testing and measurement equipment, Lidinco is pleased to bring customers programmable power supplies from many different brands at the best prices.

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