Nguồn một chiều DC Rohde & Schwarz HMC8043-G, 3 kênh, 32V-3A

Bộ nguồn lập trình Rohde & Schwarz HMC8043

Nguồn một chiều DC Rohde & Schwarz HMC8043-G, 3 kênh, 32V-3A

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  Rohde & Schwarz
  12 tháng
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Mô tả

Nguồn một chiều DC Rohde & Schwarz HMC8043-G, 3 ngõ ra, điện áp 0V đến 32V/3A, 99W, độ phân giải 1mV/0.1mA, tracking, EasyArb, electronic fuse, FuseLink, kết nối USB stick, Ethernet/USB, IEEE-488(GPIB)


  • Realtime voltage, current and power values
  • High setting and readback resolution
  • Low residual ripple due to linear postregulation
  • High energy efficiency, low heat dissipation and quiet fans
  • Convenient parallel and serial operation via V/I tracking
  • Overvoltage and overpower protection (OVP, OPP) for all outputs
  • FuseLink: individual channel combination of electronic fuses
  • EasyArb function for user-definable V/I curves
  • EasyRamp for simulating a start-up curve
  • Sequencing (sequenced start of channels)
  • Energy meter (measurement of energy output)
  • Data logging to USB flash drive in CSV format

Thông tin bổ sung

Hãng SX


R&S®HMC8043,R&S®HM8042, R&S®HMC8041 Power Supplies
The specifications are based on a 30 min warm-up period.
Electrical Specifications
Total power output 100W
Maximum power per Channel
R&S®HMC8043 33W
R&S®HMC8042 50W
R&S®HMC8041 100W
Voltage Output 0-32V
Current Output
R&S®HMC8043 3A max (power limit)
R&S®HMC8042 5A max
R&S®HMC8041 10A max
Number of outputs
R&S®HMC8043 3
R&S®HMC8042 2
R&S®HMC8041 1
Line & load regulation (Sense connected)
Constant voltage
R&S®HMC8043 <0.02% + 3mV
R&S®HMC8042 <0.03% + 5mV
R&S®HMC8041 <0.03% + 5mV
Constant Current
R&S®HMC8043 <0.03% 200μA
R&S®HMC8042 <0.03% 200μA
R&S®HMC8041 <0.03% 200μA
Voltage ripple 20Hz to 20MHz(Front connector) 450μV rms/ 4mVpp
Current ripple 20Hz to 20Mhz typ. <1mArms
Response time(10%...90% load change) 1ms (±20mV)
Remote Sense max. voltage 1V
Programming accuracy (23° C ±5° C)
voltage all models: <0.05% +2mV
R&S®HMC8043 0.05% +2mA
R&S®HMC8042/41 0.1% +5mA
Readback accuracy (23° C ± 5° C)
voltage all models <0.05%+2mV
R&S®HMC8043 0.05% +2mA
R&S®HMC8042 0.05% +7mA
R&S®HMC8041 0.05% +4mA
voltage 1mV
current 0.1mA (I<1A)
1mA (I>=1A)
Voltage to earth 250VDC
Reverse Voltage 33V max.
Inverse Voltage 0.4V max.
Max. current allowed in case of inverse voltage 3A
Supplemental characteristics
Front connectors m4 mm saftey sockets
Rear connectors Wago male connector (713-1428/037-000),
8x2-pole, pin spacing 3.5 mm / 0.138 in
Temperature coefficient for 12 months (per K)±(% of output + offset) voltage: >0,02% +3mV
current: >0,02%+3mA
Output voltage overshoot during turn-off of AC power and channel output on 100mV
Over temperature protection Yes
Voltage programming speed (within 1 % of total excursion)
Positive voltage change
no load 10ms + μC-time
with resistive load 10ms + μC-time
Negative voltage change
no load 500ms + μC-time
with resistive load 10ms + μC-time
Command processing time <30ms
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Over Power Protection Yes
Energiemeter Yes
EasyRamp Yes
EasyRamp time 10ms ... 10s
Electronic Fuse
Fuse trip time <100us
Fuse linking <100us + trip time of linked channel
Fuse delay 10ms ... 10s
Analog Interface
Shunt resistance 4...20mA 250 Ohm
Input resistance 0...10V >10 kOhm
Update rate V/I interface 10 changes/sec
Response time V/I interface <150ms
Trigger level TTL
Trigger response time <1ms
Resolution 14 bit
Arbitrary (EasyARB)
Parameter Voltage, current, time and interpolation mode
Number of Points 512
Dwell time 10ms ... 10min
Repetition rate continous or burst mode with 1...255 repetitions
Trigger manually, interface or trigger input
Sampling speed 1000,100,10,1...3600 Sa/s
Resolution ¸HMC8043 1mV / 0.1mA (<100Sa/s);
10mV / 1mA (1000Sa/s)
Resolution ¸HMC8042/41 1mV / 1mA (<100Sa/s);
10mV / 10mA (1000Sa/s)
Memory Internal memory and External memory(USB-Stick)
Maximum number of Points limited by memory
Synchronicity <100us
Delay per channel 1ms ... 60s
Remote interfaces USB-TMC, USB-CDC (Virtual COM), LAN(LXI), GPIB (optional)
Input power option 100-240 VAC +/-10% 50/60 Hz
Maximum input power 200W
Fuse T3, 15L 250V
Operating temperature +0°C ..+40°C
Storage temperature -20°C..+70°C
Humidity 5...80%
Display 3,5” / QVGA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 222 x 88 x 280 mm
Rack mount capability 1/2 19“ Yes
Weight 2,6kg
  • Line cord
  • Printed operating manual
  • Software-CD