Máy hàn hút chì Solomon SL-928 48W 210 – 480°C

Máy hàn hút chì Solomon SL-928 48W 210 – 480°C


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Mô tả


Máy hàn điều chỉnh nhiệt độ Solomon SL-928 48W hút chì 210 – 480°C

Xử lý hầu như các ứng dụng điện tử, hiệu suất cao, hút chì hút thiếc, 

SL-928 is solomon’s top of the line service center and it will handle virtually all electronic repair and rework applications.

The desoldering mode’s temperature controlled from 410F to 900F or from 210C to 480C.

The SL-928 is based on the principle of vacuum absorption of the solder from PC board. Easy desoldering the tin by reversing the vacuum to positive air flow.

The suction nozzle and the themal pipes are exclusively designed for suction of filters even with the soldering tin in fusion and no regular maintenance is required, for optimal performance.

Easy cleaning Remove the filter by simply turning a knob. The filter tube is made of heat-resistant glass,for a clear view of the suction.

Combined powerful suction tin gun and high-performance welder for optimal repair works.

















Thông tin bổ sung

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Thông tin sản phẩm:

Voltage 110/120V AC or 220/240 V AC
Power consumption 48W
Temp.setting range 210°C~480°C
Heater Operating Voltage 24V AC
Size Station L218:W176:H145 (mm)
Weight 5300g
Station-Handpiece cordlenght 115 cm
AC Power cord 3 pin plug 180cm
Vacuum pump -500mmHg 24V AC
Packing Measure 4 pcs CUFT 2.12'