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HYPREZ® Planarization & Polishing Pads

Manufacturer: Engis

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In polishing operations, the holder of the abrasive is as important as the abrasive itself. The choice and composition of this holder is determined by your application and the materials you are processing. In extremely fine polishing operations you must use cloth, rather than, or in addition to composite plates.

Engis offers a full selection of pads and cloths to meet demanding polishing and planarization requirements for your industrial as well as advanced material finishing. In addition to industry standard pads, Engis can engineer and supply special pads to meet your needs.

Qualification criteria makes our cloths the best available in the industry. Using an array of test materials and slurries, extensive evaluations are performed to meet exacting Engis standards for systems performance.

Polishing pads are divided into three broad categories of fabric – woven, flocked and compressed with most offerings available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing. In addition, perforations or grooving, which act to enhance your surface finish, are available on some pads. Common pad applications include:

Optical components: LiNbO3, CaF2, MgF2, Si, Ge, KTP, DKDP, etc.
Planarization of MEMS structures
Semiconductor materials: InP, Sapphire, GaSb, InSb, SoS, SiC, GaN, etc.
Polishing of high grade metal substrates: Titanium, Nickel, Copper, Gold, etc.
Industrial metals: Aluminum, Carbide, Steel, Bronze, etc.
Industrial Ceramics, Glass & Quartz

Pad Selection and Application Guide