Abrasive Cut-Off Blades

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Allied’s Abrasive Cut-Off Blades are specially formulated for metallurgical sectioning. Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond or CBN (cubic boron nitride) abrasives are offered in various bond types for sectioning a wide variety of materials. Choosing the right blade for the right material is crucial in reducing thermal and structural deformation. 

Protective arbor inserts are supplied on resin and rubber/resin blades. All blade arbor holes fit BOTH 32 mm and 1-1/4″ spindle arbors. All blades are precision ground to slightly less than the stated diameter to universally fit all makes and models of cutting machines. Blotters are supplied to shield vibration from the metal flange and help protect the blade from breaking during use. 

Resin bonded blades cut cooler with less resistance and friction and do not emit a burned rubber odor as with the rubber bonded blades. Rubber bonded blades are ideal for production environments where durability and longer life are desired. 

Rubber/resin bonded blades offer both durability and cooler cutting characteristics. 

Metal bonded blades (diamond) provide longer blade life and durability for less critical surface finish requirements.

Abrasive Cut-Off Blades – 09″


Abrasive Cut-Off Blades – 10″


Abrasive Cut-Off Blades – 12″


Abrasive Cut-Off Blades – 14″