Máy phát xung, hàm Siglent SDG 1010 10Mhz 2 CH

Máy phát xung, hàm Siglent SDG 1010 10Mhz 2 CH

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Mô tả

Máy Phát Xung Hàm chuẩn SDG 1010 10Mhz 2 CH
Đa dạng sóng, sóng sin, sóng vuông, sóng tam giác, tần số tối đa 10 MHz

Technical parameters:




Highest frequency output

10 MHz

Output channels


Sample rate

125 MSa/s

Wave length

16 Kpts

Frequency resolution

1 μHz

Vertical resolution

14 Bit

Waveform Sine wave, square wave , triangular wave , pulse wave ,white noise,48 types of function waveform
Sine wave 1μHz ~ 10MHz
Square wave 1μHz ~ 10MHz
Pulse 1μHz ~ 5MHz
Ramp 1μHz ~ 300KHz
Gaussian  white noise 10MHz bandwidth(-3dB)
Wave 1μHz ~ 5MHz
Modulation function AM,FM,PM,ASK,FSK etc.
Other functions Frequency counter:frequency is up to200MHz
Standard configuration USB Host & Device
Optional port GPIB(IEEE-488)
Product classify function/waveform generator
Size width×height×depth=229mm×105mm×281mm

Software: One Set Of EasyWave for WIN98/2000/XP arbitrary Waveform Drawing software

1. Sensor

2. Real Environmental Signals

3. Circuit Function Test

4. IC Test

5. Education

● Apply DDS technology, double output, adjustable phase, the highest output frequency is 50MHz.

● 125MSa/s sample rate, 14bit vertical resolution, 16Kpts wave length.

● Output 5 types of standard waveform, internally installed 48 types of waveform;

● Internally installed high precision, wide frequency counter, frequency is up to 200MHz.

● Abundant modulation function, sweep-frequency output, pulse train output.

● Standard collocation connection: USB Device, USB Host, support U Disk storage and software upgrading;

GPIB  port is optional.

● Can connect to SDS1000 series digital oscilloscope perfectly, and support remote command control