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Mô tả

Lidinco chúng tôi cung cấp bộ thực hành viba , bộ thực hành tần số siêu cao sử dụng trong các trường học, thực hành

Course Microwave Technology I gives an introduction into vector analysis. Additionally measurements using the measuring line are carried out. Devices under test are passive UHF circuits in microstrip- and SMD technology.


  • Display formats for network analyzers, Smith chart and Bode plot
  • Reference measurements and SOLT calibration
  • Pi filters
  • Stubs as reactive elements
  • Return loss of resistive terminations
  • Frequency response of reflection-free termination and mismatch
  • The λ /4 stub and the λ /4 transformer
  • Matching with open end parallel stub
  • Line resonators
  • Equivalent circuits and simulation with microwave CAD
  • Standing wave effect for different line terminations
  • Assessing wavelength through open/short comparison
  • Shifting the standing wave by elongation of the line
  • Measuring wavelength for different frequencies
  • Phase trend in a standing wave
  • Wilkinson dividers and resistive dividers
  • Insertion loss of power dividers
  • Insertion/coupling loss and isolation of the rat race coupler
  • Directional coupler investigations (main branch/auxiliary branch)

Virtual laboratory:

  • Network analyzer
  • Bode diagram
  • Smith chart

Additional functions:

  • Word processing
  • Printer
  • Pocket calculator
  • Free experimentation
  • Glossary

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