FM Modulator & Demodulator

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Bộ thực hành xử lý hầu hết các vấn đề của truyền thông số digital. Cung cấp thiết bị, tư vấn bởi Lidinco. Ngoài ra chúng tôi còn cung cấp các bột thực hành viễn thông – thông tin khác

Digital Communication Technology” discusses all topics of digital signal processing. Additionally attention is payed to the realisation and function of a fiber optic transmission system. Emphasis is laid upon the applications of PCM technology, e.g.: transmission of voice signals with real telephones, sound cards, CD-player etc.


  • Caracteristics of pulse carriers
  • Generation of PAM
  • PAM (natural)
  • PAM (S&H)
  • PAM spectrum
  • Over sampling / under sampling
  • Aliasing
  • Shannon theorem
  • Pulse code modulation (PCM)
  • Quantization linear and nonlinear
  • Compression / expanding
  • Code errors
  • Time division multiplexing (TDM)
  • Synchronization
  • Quantization noise
  • Difference pulse code modulation (DPCM)
  • Optical signal transmission
  • Signal transmission by wire (coaxial line / two-wire line)
  • Simplex / duplex communication


  • Transmission of voice (requieres external signals as CD player, telephones etc.)
  • Linear and nonlinear quantization and the influence on the quality of voice
  • Duplex communication 
       – Digital Communication Technology as well as external signal sources)


  – Modulator PAM (2x)

– Modulator PCM (2x)

– Clock generator

– Demodulator PAM (2x)

– Demodulator PCM (2x)

Signal sources, inputs and outputs

  – Signal source, sinewave 1 kHz

– Signal source, sinewave 2 kHz

– RJ12 socket with hybrid circuit

– Input /output for external signal sources

– Optical transmitter

– Optical receiver

– Optical fiber with connectors, 3 m


The course can be combined with other didactical systems from our product range as T 7.4.8 Radio Links by microwaves or T 7.2.6 Optical Communication.

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