Module thu phát tín hiệu Vector VST-H3654, 6 GHz, 56 MHz BW, 4×4 CH MIMO

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Mô tả

Module thu phát tín hiệu Vector VST-H3654, 6 GHz, 56 MHz BW, 4×4 CH MIMO


  • 4×4 RF IO channels
    • 0.001 to 6 GHz RF frequency
    • 56 MHz real time bandwidth 
    • 12 bit
  • Advanced waveform generation system
    • AWG with a powerful queue system, triggering and marking
    • Angle/amplitude/IQ modulators
  • Advanced Data Acquisitions system (DAQ)
    • Configurable cycles and data bursts with triggers and markers
  • Onboard Signal Processing (ODSP)
    • DUCs and DDCs with configurable upsamplers and downsamplers
    • Custom CIC and FIR filters
  • High-quality output RF
    • LO (carrier) leakage: -50 dBc
    • EVM: -40 dB, OIP3: 19 dBm
    • Average Noise Density: -144 dBm/Hz
  • High-quality input RF
    • LO (carrier) leakage: -110 dBc
    • EVM: -40 dB, IIP3: 14 dBm, IIP2: 45 dBm, Noise Figure: 3 dB
  • 32 MB, 256 MB or 2 GB of RAM
  • HW programming using Signadyne HVI real-time technology
  • Up to 1.6 GB/s transfer speed with P2P capabilities (PCIe Gen 2)
  • 1 slot 3U

Programming Tools and Application Software

  • Fully compatible programming libraries for most common languages, e.g. C, C++, C#, VB, LabVIEW, MATLAB, etc.
  • HVI Programming:
    • Signadyne PROCESSflow, a graphical flowchart-style HVI programming enviroment
  • Signadyne VirtualKnob: software front panels


  • MIMO, Telecom Tx-Rx, RADAR, Software-Defined Radio (SDR)
  • ATE (Automated Test System) /HIL (Hardware In the Loop)
  • General purpose D/A, RF / AWG
  • R&D / Scientific research equipment
  • Aerospace & defense COTS equipment


SD VST-H3000 Product Brief


SD Libraries and Tools v1.74.30 Signadyne ProcessFlow v1.74.30

General description

The SD VST-H3654 is a high-performance high-bandwidth VST for MIMO and parallel testing applications. It provides  advanced waveform generation/acquisition with DUCs/DDCs  and configurable CIC/FIR filters (ODSP). Performance meets simplicity thanks to easy-to-use programming libraries and Signadyne HVI technology for real-time applications.

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