Máy đo quang OTDR cầm tay OTP6103, 13101550nm

Máy đo quang OTDR cầm tay OTP6103, 1310/1550nm

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Mô tả


Máy đo quang OTDR cầm tay OTP6103, 1310/1550nm

  • Máy đo quang OTDR, dạng cầm tay, Model OTP6103 bước sóng từ 1310/1550nm
  • Đo linh hoạt
  • Độ bền cao
  • Nhỏ cầm tay, chắc , bền
  • Đo tất cả các chức năng OTDR
  • Khoảng cách đến 200km
  • Màn hình phân giải cao, rõ ràng
  • Chống rung




– OTP6103 has the characteristics of light and handy, flexible and durable, it can apply to the outdoor scene environment and it’s the best

testing tool for operators to verify and troubleshooting in the optical network construction phase or network operation phase.

– Handiness and small, Solid Durable, flexible apply to the outdoor scene environment;
– Start fast, high resolution and color touch screen;
– Cover all the OTDR functions, wavelength supports 1310/1550nm and meets the test requirements of different test scenarios;
– Measuring distance up to 200km, meet MAN and optical test application of AN;
– High resolution and color touch screen, it can clear display even though in the place with strong light and easy to read and operate;
– Shockproof structure design full meets the requirements in outdoor applications;
– Simply and friendly key design to easily detect fiber quality and fault location;
– The small OTP6103 cover all OTDR functions and meets the testing maintain demand of the whole optical link;
– Support 2 kinds wavelength in the meantime, it can automatic switchover between the dual-wavelength;
– Dynamic range supports 30/28dB;
– Event dead zone is 1.6m; attenuation dead zone is 10m;
– Support VFL red light function



Thông số kỹ thuật - SPECIFICATIONS
 Wavelength(nm)  1310/1550  Dynamic Range (dB)  30/28
Pulse Width (ns) 3~20000 Event Dead Zone(m) ≤1.6
Loss Threshold (dB) 0.01 Loss Resolution (dB) 0.001
Sampling Resolution(m)
  1. 125~1
Sampling Points 256K
Attenuation Dead Zone(m) ≤10/10
Linearity (dB / dB) ±0.03
 Distance Range (km)  ≤200
Distance Uncertainty(m)  ±(0.75+0.0010% ×Distance + Sampling resolution)
Typical Real Time Refresh (Hz) 0.03
 Memory Capacity  500 curves
 Measuring Time  10s~180m, User Defined
VFL Output Power(dBm) +10
Physical Characteristics
 Temperature Operating: -10°C to 50°C; Storage: -40℃ to 70℃  Weight  1.1kg
 Relative humidity 0% to 95%(Non - Condensing)  Size (H*W*D)  80mm x 135mm x 250 mm
 Battery  According to Bellcore TR-NWT-001138 standard, lithium battery sustainable running 8 hours


Order Information
Products  Model Description
Standard Configuration
Main OTP6103H Dual-wavelength 1310/1550nm OTDR Test Set,dynamic range is 30/28dB
VFL Function OPAP-VFLatOTDR OTDR red-light VFL test function
Battery LB03V10S0103 One lithium polymer rechargeable battery apply to OTP6100, 10.8V
Power Adapter SA148A-24V One 24V AC/DC power adapter apply to OTP6100
 Power Cable  OA1611PWR_2M  One 2 meters power cable
Electronic CD-ROM OA1808_6103_CD One OTP6123 Electronic CD-ROM
Instrument Bag OBG6100 One OTP6100 Instrument bag
Fiber Jumper FCFC-0103 One FC/FC port, Single-mode simplex LC-LC,9/125, 3 meters