Máy hiện sóng tương tự (Analog) Twintex OST-2020CT, 20MHz, 2 kênh

Twintex OST-2020CT

Máy hiện sóng tương tự (Analog) Twintex OST-2020CT, 20MHz, 2 kênh

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Twintex – Taiwan

OST- 2020CT

12 tháng

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Mô tả

Máy hiện sóng tương tự (Analog) Twintex-Taiwan OST-2020CT, 20MHz, 2 kênh

Các tính năng chính

★ Dual channel 20MHz/40MHz/50MHz
★ 10 times sweep magnification
★ TV synchronization; X-Y mode
★ High illumination internal graticule CRT
★ Japanese encoded switch, reliable and durable
★ Fully sealed durable attenuation switch
★ ALT triggering function, enabling simultaneous observation of two independent signals
★ With component test function

Model TOS-2020CT TOS-2040CT TOS-2050CT
Vertical system
Sensitivity 5mV~5V/DIV, 10 steps in 1-2-5 sequence
Sensitivity accuracy ≤3%
Verniersensitivity 1/2.5 or less than panel indicated value
Bandwidth DC (AC 10Hz)~20MHz DC (AC 10Hz)~40MHz DC (AC 10Hz)~50MHz
AC coupling
Rise time Approx. 17.5ns Approx. 8.75ns Approx. 7ns
Input impedance Approx. 1MΩ//Approx. 25pF
DC balance shift 5mV~5V/DIV: ±0.5DIV
Vertical mode CH1, CH2, DUAL (ALT/CHOP), ADD, CH2 INV
Chopping repetition frequency Approx. 250kHz
Input coupling AC, GND, DC
Max. Input voltage 400V peak-peak, AC frequency≤1kHz
Common mode rejection ratio >50:1 at 50kHz sine wave (set CH1 and CH2 at same sensitivity)
CH2 INV BAL Balanced point variation≤1DIV (referred to graticule center)
Horizontal system
Sweep time base 0.2us~0.5s/DIV, 20 steps in 1-2-5 sequence
Sweep time base accuracy ±3%, X10MAG: ±5% (20ns~50ns/DIV uncalibrated)
Vernier sweep timebase ≤1/2.5 of panel indicated value
Sweep magnification X10 (Max. sweep time base 20ns/DIV)
Position shift caused by X10MAG Within 2DIV at CRT screen center
Linearity ±5%, X10MAG: ±10% (0.2s~1us)
Trigger mode AUTO, NORM, TV-V, TV-H
Trigger level lock Not provided
Trigger source CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT
Trigger coupling AC: 20Hz to full bandwidth
Polarity “+” or “-” polarity
Sensitivity Frequency 20Hz~2MHz 2MHz~20MHz 20MHz~40MHz 40MHz~50MHz
CH1, CH2 1DIV 1.5DIV 2.5DIV 3DIV
EXT 200mV 800mV
TV: Sync pulse>1DIV (EXT: 1V)
External trigger input Input impedance: Approx. 1MΩ//Approx. 25pF

Max.input voltage: 400V (DC+AC peak), AC frequency≤1kHz

X-Y mode
Sensitivity 5mV~5V/DIV, ±3%
X-axis bandwidth DC~500kHz (-3dB)
X-Y phase error ≤3° at DC~50kHz
Output signal
Calibration signal Waveform Positive-going square wave
Frequency Approx. 1kHz
Duty ratio <48:52
Output voltage 2Vpp±2%
Output impedance Approx. 1kΩ
Component test
Testing subject Resistor, capacitor, coil, diode, zener or simple combination of the components
Testing voltage Approx. 9Vac pp
Testing frequency 50/60Hz
Testing current Approx. 0.6mA
Display 6″ rectangle, internal graticule, 8x10DIV (1DIV=1cm)
Phosphor P31
Accelerating voltage Approx. 2kV (20MHz); Approx. 12kV (40MHz)
Trace rotation Adjustable at front panel
Power source AC110V/220V±10% selectable, 50/60Hz, Max.35VA
Accessories Power cord x1, Operation manual x1, Probe x2

Component test lead x1 (only for TOS-2020CT, TOS-2040CT, TOS-2050CT)

Dimension 310x150x455mm
Weight Approx.8kg

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