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Mô tả

Cung cấp bộ thực hành, dạy học môn kỹ thuật serve, kỹ thuật máy chủ cơ bản

The experiments are carried using training panels in panel frames.


  • Experiment set-up and wiring according to circuit diagrams
  • Working with closed-loop control systems
  • Optimisation of servo systems
  • Use of computer-controlled measuring interfaces

The equipment set incorporates student experiments which can be carried out in a laboratory safely using safety extra-low voltage. Experiment instructions are contained in a manual in either printed or digital form.

The target group is made up of commercial apprentices and students of power engineering and mechatronics. The course offers introductory experiments at an intermediate level for vocational schools and colleges.


  • Operation with a P-controller : determination of system deviation (error signals) or oscillation
  • Operation with a PI-controller : elimination of system deviation (error signals), overshoot and tracking error
  • Operation with a PID-controller : optimisation of system deviation (error signals) and oscillation

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