Nguồn một chiều (DC) Keysight B2961A Low Noise

Nguồn một chiều (DC) Keysight B2961A Low Noise

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Mô tả

Keysight B2961A

Nguồn một chiều (DC) Keysight B2961A  Low Noise

Nguồn DC  Keysight B2961A, một ngõ ra 6.5 số

The Keysight B2961A/62A 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source is a bench-top power supply with revolutionary capabilities and functions not previously available. It can source either voltage or current with 6.5 digits of resolution while also monitoring them, which is essential for a variety of measurement applications.

  • 6.5 digit 1-channel source
  •    Wide and bipolar voltage/current sourcing (100 nV - 210 V / 10 fA - 10.5 A, 31.8W)
  •    Best-in-class noise performance (10 µVrms, 1nVrms/√Hz) with external filter
  •    Precision arbitrary waveform capability with support for seven built-in functions and user defined waveforms (1 mHz - 10 kHz)
  •    4.5 digit built-in voltage/current monitoring capability (minimum resolution: 10 µV / 1 pA)
  •    Programmable output resistance with voltage / current output characteristics emulation capability
  •    Intuitive graphical user interface on 4.3 inch wide color LCD supporting time domain voltage/current monitoring on the front panel
  •    LXI Core Conformant, USB 2.0, GPIB, LAN and digital I/O interface
  • Keysight Oscilloscopes (MSO-X 4000 Series is shown)
  • U8201A Combo Test Lead Kit
  • N1253A-100 Digital I/O T-cable
  • N1294A-031 GPIO - BNC Trigger Adapter