three phase transformers

Biến thế 3 pha 300W

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Mô tả

Lidinco cung cấp biến thế 3 pha trong thực hành điện cơ – điện tử

The experiments are carried out using transformers on training panels in panel frames.


  • Protective measures and electrical safety
  • Set-up of power generation systems according to circuit diagrams
  • Use of commercial measuring instruments, hand-held multimeters, oscilloscopes, measuring interfaces

Transformers are magnetically coupled systems used for transforming AC voltages or matching impedance. Transformers can therefore be used primarily for measurement or generation of electric power. These practical exercises study exclusively transformers used in energy generation. Transformer power ratings can range from a few mVA up to several MVA. The size and design also have an important effect on the transformer ratings. Transformers are regarded as electrical machines even though they contain no moving parts. The windings of three-phase transformers can be connected in a variety of circuit configurations.

This individual equipment set allows for measurement of three-phase transformers under load (resistive, inductive, capacitive).

Students carry out the experiments as specified in the printed manual. Hand-held multimeters are used to measure the characteristics of the transformers. Either an oscilloscope with an isolating amplifier or Sensor-CASSY 2 can be used in order to display the phase-shift between phase winding voltages.

The target group is made up of commercial apprentices and students of power engineering. The course offers experiments at an intermediate level for vocational colleges and undergraduate level.


  • Voltage equations and equivalent circuits
  • Measurement without load, with load and with a short circuit
  • Determination of self-inductance, magnetic coupling and leakage
  • Losses, changes in voltage and efficiency
  • Circuits and vector groups for three-phase transformers
  • Simultaneous operation of multiple three-phase transformers

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