TongHui TH2882AS-5 Impulse Winding Tester

TongHui TH2882AS-5 Impulse Winding Tester

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Output Impulse Voltage: 500V-5000V, 100V Steps ± 5% of set value± 25V

Voltage Control Mode:
Normal: Voltage   programmable at the measurement terminals when terminals opened
Constant: Maintaining   selected voltage across the winding independent of changes of the winding   impedance

Impulse Energy (1K Ω   Resistive Load): ≤ Max. 250   milli-Joules

Type of Coil: Single-phase

Inductance Range: ≥ 20μH

Screen Mode: 320x240   dots LCD
Waveform Display Dots: 240x200   dots
Display Information: Setting parameter, Standard & measuring   waveform, Measurement & comparison result

Waveform Sampling:
Sampling Rate: 40MSPS/25ns, 20MSPS/50ns, 10MSPS/100ns, 5MSPS/200ns, 2.5MSPS/400ns, 1.25MSPS/800ns, 625kSPS/1.6μs, 312kSPS/3.2μs
Resolution: digits
Sampling Length: Bytes

Input Impedance: 10MΩ (Resistive voltage divider)

Measuring   Speed
5.5 times/sec (Waveform display OFF, PASS/FAIL ON)
3.3 times/sec (Waveform display ON, PASS/FAIL ON)

Average Rate: 1-99, Programmable

Waveform Measurement: Voltage,   Time, Frequency

Trigger Mode: Internal/Manual (Foot)/External/ BUS

Comparison Mode: Area size   comparison, Differential area comparison, Corona discharge differential phase   comparison

Area Size Repetition Accuracy: ±1%

Differential Area Repetition Accuracy: ±1%

Memory: groups of   standard waveform data can be stored in   internal non-volatile memory 500 groups in USB flash memory (optional)

Interface: HANDLER   (Start, Stop, Pass NG, Busy, EOC, etc.), RS232C,   GPIB(optional)

Operating Temperature and Humidity: 0°C−40°C,  ≤90%RH

Voltage 99V - 121V AC,198V - 242V AC
Frequency 47.5Hz−63Hz

Power Consumption: ≤ 40VA

Dimensions (W×H×D): 395mmx155mmx445mm

Weight: Approx. 8.4 kg

Brief Introduction

■ Due to the influence of coil wire material, magnetic material, framework and manufacture technics etc., coil products (such as transformers, motors, etc.) may have defects of low insulation between coil layers, circles and leads. TH2882A series impulse winding tester, adopting high-speed sampling technique, is a new generation analysis test instrument for insulation performance of coil products.

When testing, TH2882A compares the standard waveform stored in the instrument with current measuring waveform. TH2882A gives the PASS or FAIL comparison result according to Area, Differential Area, Corona Discharge, Differential Phase etc. With strong function, precision test method, flexible operation and various interfaces, TH2882A can provide test solution for most coil winding products.

■ The impulse winding tester tests the electrical characteristics of coil winding without damaging the DUT. The prerequisite conditions for quality of a coil can be detected at just a glance. The detection is carried out when the same electric impulse by capacitor discharge is applied to the standard and the DUT. The voltage decay waveform is generated in response to the impulse, related to the   Q-factor and inductance of the coil. In this sense, the tester can detect turn & layer short, the differences in the number of turns and the material of the core. If high impulse voltage is applied, the poor insulation will appear as a corona or layer discharge.

Performance characteristics

– Output impulse voltage: 500V – 5kV 100V steps
– Low inductance impulse test: down to 200µH
– Fast detection of insulation: 5.5 meas/sec
– Up to 40 Msps sampling rate
– Low energy test without damaging the coil
– 4 kinds of waveform comparison methods
– 320×240 dot-matrix graphic LCD display
– Chinese and English operation languages
– Friendly user’s interface and easy operation
– Mult-trigger mode programmable
– Voltage, Time and Frequency measuring function
– Direct display of comparision result
– Keyboard lock and password protection function
– Handler, RS-232C, and GPIB (optional) interfaces
– 500 groups of waveforms can be stored in USB disk (optional)
– Multi-channel scan control interface: SCANNER (optional)


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