Digital Power Meter Tonghui TH3434

Digital Power Meter Tonghui TH3434

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Number of channels: 4

Display: 7 inch (800*480) color TFT resistive touch screen

One phase two wires (1P2W)
One-phase three-wire (1P3W)
Three-phase three-wire (3P3W)
Three-phase four-wire (3P4W)
Three voltage three current (3V3A)

Basic accuracy 0.1% of reading + 0.1% of range
Resolution 0.001V

Basic accuracy ± (0.1% of reading+0.1% of range)
Resolution 0.1μA

Power supply: AC220V± 10%, 50/60Hz± 5%, soft power switch

working size 236mm*154mm*475.5mm (including jacket)
shelf size 215mm*132mm*441mm (W*H*D)

Weight: 8.1kg


■ Channel: 4

■ AC/DC: Support AC and DC input test

■ Soft start: using soft power switch design

■ High-resolution display: 7 inches, 800×600 resolution, capacitive touch screen, support mouse operation

■ Provide screenshot operation

■ Broadband input: 0.1Hz-100kHz, suitable for most power systems on the market

■ Embedded system: equipped with embedded operating system, the human-computer interaction is more flexible and friendly

■ Comparison function: Provides 8 comparison channels for comparison output, and the output mode is programmable

■ Harmonic analysis: analysis parameters are controllable, and list display and bar graph display are provided

■ Waveform display: Provides basic input signal waveform display function and integrated power waveform display

■ Vector display: Provide a vector display of the input signal

■ Flexible energy integral control: provide continuous time control and manual control of energy integral run and stop operations

■ File storage: a relatively powerful file system, compatible with most U disks (FAT format)

■ Abundant interfaces: USB HOST, USB DEVICE, LAN, HANDLER, RS232/RS485 (choose one of two);

■ Communication protocol: support SCPI command set and MODBUS command parsing.



■ Motors, transformers

■ Electronic production design

■ Lighting

■ Aerospace and military industry

■ Network communication

■ Audio and video equipment

■ Monitoring equipment

■ Source class device

Test and analysis of electrical parameters of AC power supply, DC power supply, linear power supply, switching power supply, and inverter and other source output equipment

■ Load equipment

Test and analysis of electrical parameters of various types of household appliances, industrial appliances, various electronic loads and other electrical equipment


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