Dung dịch đông cứng mẫu EpoxymountDung dịch đông cứng mẫu Epoxymount
Dung dịch đông cứng mẫu EpoxymountDung dịch đông cứng mẫu Epoxymount

Cold Mounting – Epoxymount

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– EpoxyMount is a fast-curing epoxy that hardens in 2 hours at room temperature while still maintaining quality characteristics such as good adhesion, hardness and minimal shrinkage.
– Cold mounting materials are used to encapsulate samples that cannot withstand the heat and pressure of compression mounting, when better flow and penetration of the mounting material is needed or when a large quantity of samples must be encapsulated at once.
– Epoxies are typically chosen for their excellent flow and penetration and are used when better adhesion, less shrinkage and clarity are required.
* Cure time: 2 hours at room temperature (1¼” diameter x 1″ thick)
* Heat (38 °C/100 °F) accelerates cure time to as little as 45 minutes
* 87 Shore D hardness

145-10005 EpoxyMount Kit, Incl. 120 oz. Resin, 40 oz. Hardener, 50 Mixing Cups, 50 Stir Sticks
145-10020 EpoxyMount Kit, Includes 48 oz. (1.4 kg) Resin, 16 oz. (450 g) Hardener, 20 Mixing Cups, 20 Stir Sticks
145-10025 EpoxyMount Resin, 48 oz. (1.4 kg)
145-10010 EpoxyMount Resin, 120 oz. (3.4 kg) with pump
145-10030 EpoxyMount Hardener, 16 oz. (450 g)
145-10015 EpoxyMount Hardener, 40 oz. (1.1 kg)