Thực hành robot Toshiba TV800

Toshiba TV800

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This is a high-speed vertically articulated robot with arm length 800mm. It supports cleanroom design and waterproof design (-IP). Operation in progress at our manufacturing plant.

Datasheet: TV800_e

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Arm Length Total Length 800mm
1st Arm 380mm
2st Arm 420mm
Reach 892mm
Working envelope Axis 1 (J1) ±170°
Axis 2 (J2) -100 ∼ +150°
Axis 3 (J3) -127 ∼ +167°
Axis 4 (J4) ±190°
Axis 5 (J5) ±120°
Axis 6 (J6) ±360°
Maximum speed (Note 1) Axis 1 (J1) 237°/s
Axis 2 (J2) 240°/s
Axis 3 (J3) 288°/s
Axis 4 (J4) 350.5°/s
Axis 5 (J5) 484°/s
Axis 6 (J6) 576°/s
Composite 8.06m/s
Standard cycle time (Note 2) Horizontal: 300mm
Vertical: 25mm
Load Maximum payload 5kg
Allowable moment of inertia at end Axis 4, 5 0.3kg·m2
Allowable moment of inertia at end Axis 6 0.05kg·m2
Positioning repeatability (Note 3) X, Y, Z ±0.02mm
Input Signal for Hand 8 inputs, 8 outputs
Air Piping for Hand φ6×3pcs.
Position Detection Method Absolute encoder mode
Total Weight 45kg
Attached Cable Standard: 5m
Controller TS3100

Controller TS3100:

Controller TS3100

This controller for SCARA robots and vertical articulated robots can accommodate a maximum control axes of 8.
Provided with a wide variety of functions including interrupt processing, signal and communication processing during operation, arithmetic operation, limiting torque, sequencer, and self-diagnosis.

No. of Controlled Axes Maximum 8-axis simultaneous control
(2 additional axes under development)
Motion Modes PTP, CP (Linear, Circular), Short-cut, Arch motion
Position Detection Absolute Encoders
Storage Capacity Approx. Total: 12800 points + 25600 steps
1 program: 2000 points + 3000 steps
No. of Registrable Programs Maximum 256
Programming Language SCOL (similar to BASIC)
Teaching Unit teach pendant TP1000: Cable length 5m
(Programming support PC software TSPC also available)
External Operation Signal 32 input, 32 output
Hand Control Signals 8 input, 8 output
External Operation Signal Input cycle operation mode, start, stop, program reset, etc
Output Servo ON, operation ready, fault, etc
Serial Communication Ports RS-232C:2 ports, Ethernet:1 port
Other Functions Torque control, Interrupt function, self-diagnosis, I/O control, communication during motion,
communication processing, PLC, conveyor synchronisation, etc
Power Supply and Capacity Single-phase,
AC200V-240V, 50/60Hz, 3.5-4.8kVA
(The power capacity varies depending on the model of the robot.)
Outer Dimensions and Mass 420W × 230H × 298D (mm), Approx. 17kg