Máy phân tích phổ thời gian thực SSA3050X-R 5GHzMáy phân tích phổ thời gian thực SSA3050X-R 5GHz
Máy phân tích phổ Real time SSA3075X-R 7.5GHzMáy phân tích phổ Real time SSA3075X-R 7.5GHz

SSA3050X-R Real-time Spectrum Analyzers 5GHz

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The SIGLENT SSA3000X-R real-time spectrum analyzers are powerful and flexible tools for complex RF spectrum and signal analysis. With a capability of 40 MHz analysis bandwidth and 7.2 µs 100% POI, the analyzer can provide multi-dimensions data displays, advanced triggering, and RF data capturing, to solve modern RF spectrum challenges, like hopping frequency, conflict channel, spectrum interference,
etc. They also provide standard tracking generator for network analysis, optional wide band digital modulation analysis, and EMI measurement.
Applications include broadcast monitoring/evaluation, cellular site, IoT, WiFi, Bluetooth surveying, research and development, education, production, and maintenance.


High-speed and stable real-time spectrum acquisition, analysis and display

The SSA3000X-R real-time spectrum analyzer can set the frequency template trigger function to seamlessly collect and analyze signals. It is perfect tool for observation and analysis of small, elusive and frequency hopping signals.

· Optional real-time analysis bandwidth: standard 25 MHz,  40 MHz
· Multiple display modes: Density, Spectrogram, PvT, 3D.
· Configurable frequency mask trigger function

phân tích phổ thời gian thực SSA3075X-R
Khả năng điều khiển tuyệt vời SSA3000X-R
Versatile Controllability
SSA3000X-R series RTSA succeed the ease-to-use UI style of SVA1000X and SSA3000X Plus series. It adopts 10.1 inch touch screen and supports external mouse & keyboard. Connection to PC is possible via LAN or USB interface. Free EasySpecturm software and Web Control support control of the unit, send SCPI commands, save files and screen shots.
Multi-function SA
SSA3000X-R is not only a RTSA, but a versatile instruments.
· RTSA mode: Analyze elusive signals in real-time.
​· SA mode: Perform as a normal spectrum analyzer – reflection and advanced measurements.
​· Modulation analysis: Up to 40 MHz (option) wideband modulation analysis.
​· EMI Receiver Mode: Newly added EMI reicever Mode to perform EMI-pre compliance tests.
Máy phân tích phổ đa chức năng SSA3000X-R


Frequency Range SSA3050X-R: 9 kHz ~ 5.0 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth 1 Hz ~ 3 MHz
Displayed Average Noise Level -165 dBm/Hz
SSB Phase Noise < -98 dBc/Hz@1 GHz
Real Time Band Width 25 MHz, 40 MHz (Option)
Tracking Generator SSA3050X-R:100 kHz ~ 5.0 GHz
Total Amplitude Accuracy < 0.7 dB
SFDR 60 dB
100% POI 7.20 μs
RTSA Measurement Density, Spectrogram, 3D, PvT
Touch Screen Multi Touch, Mouse and Keyboard supported
Advanced Measurement CHP, ACPR, OBW, CNR, Harmonic, TOI, Monitor
Modulation Analysis AM, FM, ASK, FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM
Reflection Measurement VSWR measurement using Reflection Bridge
EMI Test EMI Filter and Quasi-Peak Detector, Log Scale and Limit Line
Communication Interface LAN, USB Device, USB Host (USB-GPIB)
Remote Control Capability SCPI/Labview/IVI based on USB-TMC/VXI-11/Socket/Telnet
Remote Controller NI-MAX, Web Browser, Easy Spectrum software, File Explorer

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