SSA3050X-R Real-time Spectrum Analyzers 5GHz

SSA3050X-R Real-time Spectrum Analyzers 5GHz


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Frequency Range: 9 kHz~5.0 GHz

Bandwidth resolution: 1 Hz~3 MHz

DANL: -165 dBm/Hz

SSB phase noise: <-98 dBc/Hz

TOI: +14 dbm

Amplitude Accuracy: < 0.7 dB

Transmitter Beat (TG): 100 kHz – 5.0 GHz

Real-time bandwidth: 25MHz, 40MHz (Optional)


100% POI: 7.20 μs

Measure RTSA: Density, Spectrogram, 3D, PvT

Measure VNA: Vector S11, Vector S21

VNA dynamic range: 90 dB

Operation: Touch, mouse, keyboard

Advanced Measurements: CHP, ACPR, OBW, CNR, Harmonic, TOI, Monitor

Modulation Analyzer: AM, FM, ASK, FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM

Mapped Measurement: VSWR uses mapping bridge

Measure EMI: EMI Filter and Quasi-Peak Detector, Log Scale and Limit Line

Connection port: LAN, USB Device, USB Host (USB-GPIB)

Remote control: NI-MAX, Web Browser, Easy Spectrum software, File Explorer

Dimensions: 393 mm × 207 mm × 116.5 mm (W × H × D)

Weight: 4.70 kg


The SIGLENT SSA3000X-R real-time spectrum analyzers are powerful and flexible tools for complex RF signal monitor and analysis. With a capability of 40 MHz analysis bandwidth and 7.2 µs 100% POI, the analyzer can provide multi-dimensions data displays, advanced triggering, and RF data capturing, to solve modern RF spectrum challenges, like hopping frequency, conflict channel, spectrum interference, etc. They also include a tracking generator for network analysis, optional wideband digital modulation analysis, and EMI pre-compliance test.

Key Features

- Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 5.0 GHz
- -165 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level (Typ.)
- -98 dBc/Hz.@10 kHz Offset Phase Noise (1 GHz, Typ.)
- Level Measurement Uncertainty < 0.7 dB (Typ.)
- 1 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
- Preamplifier Standard
- Tracking Generator Standard
- Up to 40 MHz Real-Time Analysis Bandwidth
- 100% POI 7.20 μs, Dynamic Range 60 dB
- Multi-view for Density, Spectrogram, PvT, and multi-trigger and FMT
- Modulation Analysis up to 40 MHz BW (Opt.)
- Reflection Measurement Kit (Opt.)
- EMI Filter and Quasi-Peak Detector Kit(Opt.)
- Advanced Measurement Kit (Opt.)
- 10.1 inch Multi-Touch Screen, Mouse and Keyboard supported
- Web Browser Remote Control on PC and Mobile Terminals and File Operation


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