Arbitrary Function Generator SDG830, 30M,1CH

Arbitrary Function Generator SDG830, 30M,1CH


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Maximum output frequency: 30 MHz

Maximum sampling rate: 125 MSa/s

Vertical resolution: 14-bit

Wave length: 16 kpts

Sine wave: 1μHz ~ 30MHz

Square wave: 1μHz ~ 10MHz

Sawtooth wave: 1μHz ~ 300kHz

Pulse wave: 500μHz ~ 5MHz

Gaussian white noise: >30MHz (-3dB)

Arbitrary wave: 1μHz ~ 5MHz

Channel: 1

Weight: 8 lbs

Dimensions: 15 × 14 × 8 in


The SDG800 series function/arbitrary waveform generator family outputs waveform functions up to up to 5 MHz (pulse), 10 MHz (square), 30 MHz (sine) and has a sampling rate of 125 MSa/s. They are powered with SIGLENT’s EasyPulse technology which produces low jitter, fast rising/falling edges without being affected by frequency, even at low duty cycle settings, allowing the user a wide range of pulse widths and transition times. This results in a much more versatile generator than other similar DDS designs.  


- Advanced DDS technology, 125MSa/s sampling rate, 14bit vertical resolution   
- Single channel output, 5 types of standard waveforms, built-in 46 kinds of arbitrary waveforms (including DC)   
- Complete modulation functions: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, linear/logarithmic sweep, and burst   
- Innovative EasyPulse technology, can output pulses with low jitter and quick rising/falling edges   
- Standard interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, support U-Disk storage   
- Provides 10 nonvolatile storage spaces for user’s arbitrary waveforms   
- Can be seamlessly connected to SIGLENT Digital Storage Oscilloscope   
- Configurable with powerful arbitrary waveform editing software EasyWave  

Model    SDG805    SDG810    SDG830    
Max. output frequency     5 MHz     10 MHz     30 MHz    
Output channels    1    
Sample rate    125MSa/s    
Arbitrary waveform length     16kpts    
Frequency resolution    1μHz    
vertical resolution    14bits    
 Waveform    Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian Noise. 46 b uilt-in arbitrary  waveforms(include DC)    
Modulation    AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, Sweep, Burst    
Standard interface    USB Host & USB Device    
Dimension    W x H x D=229mm x 105mm x 281mm    


Standard Accessories    
● A Quick Start   
● A Calibration Certificate   
● A CD(including EasyWave computer software system)   
● A Power Cord that fits the standard of destination country   
● A USB Cable   
Optional Accessories    
● BNC cable   
● GPIB-USB Adapter   

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