Tablet Oscilloscope Micsig TO2004

Tablet Oscilloscope Micsig TO2004

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Full Touch Operation

The new TO series oscilloscope provides full touch operation, with upgraded UI, it's much more efficient to use than traditional desktop oscilloscopes

10.1 Inch TFT-LCD Display

Ultra-high 1280*800 resolution plus seamless capacitive screen provides unmatched touch experience, compact design leading in portable solution

Universal Probe Interface (UPI)

The Micsig UPI can supply power to Micsig's active probes and configure the probe attenuation ratio with oscilloscope automatically.

Complete Connectivity

Equipped with Wi-Fi, USB 3.0/2.0 Host, USB Type-C, Grounding, HDMI, and Trigger Out interfaces

Portable & Benchtop

Built-in 7500mAh Li-ion battery support 4/5h long field work, Power-off lock secure safety to carry and store; Triangle back stand make sure it sits on the bench solidly as well.

Deep 220Mpts Memory Depth

Using hardware-based Zoom technology and max 220Mpts memory depth, users can capture signals at longer time periods at higher resollution, and to see more details

Max300,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate, the TO series can easily capture unusual or low-probability events.

Powerful Trigger Functions

Support Edge, Pulse, Runt, Logic, N-edge, Video, Timeout, Slope etc.

Serial Bus Decoding Function (Standard)

Support UART、CAN、LIN、SPI、I2C, also able to output the decoded data in Text mode or to CSV format

31 Auto Measurements 

can be one-press displayed and cleared on the screen

Support Hardware Digital Filter

Rule out insignificant frequency components to eliminate interference.

Segmented Storage Acquisition

Up to 10,000 waveform events can be captured for efficient analysis, helping users to capture occasional signals and more optimally save the data required.

Support Color Temperature function

The trace occurrence is represented by different colors.

Red colors represent events that occur more frequently, while blue is used to mark points that occur less frequently, which help users capture occasional waveform so to set trigger conditions more conveniently.

Support HDMI Function

Useful for presentations on larger screen.

Support mobile APP (Android, iOS) and PC remote control.

Support Wi-Fi network upgrade and FTP data transfer.


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