Digital Storage Oscilloscope Siglent SDS2204X HD

Digital Storage Oscilloscope Siglent SDS2204X HD

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Bandwidth: 200MHz

Number of channels: 4 channels

Sampling rate: 2 GSa/s

Wave Range: 500,000 wfm/s

Memory depth: 200 Mpts/ch

12-bit High Resolution    

The Siglent SDS2000X HD series is a next-generation oscilloscope using a 12-bit ADC and low noise front-end, which has 16 times the signal resolution capability of a traditional 8-bit oscilloscope. The SDS2000X HD series displays signal details in finer detail, make more precise measurements, have higher voltage offsets, and better accuracy than traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes.          

Excellent User Interface and User Experience

The SDS2000X HD features a 10.1-inch multi-touch screen with 1024x600 resolution, external mouse and keyboard operation. Capacitive touch screen, supporting multi-touch gestures, can move or scale the waveform traces quickly by finger-touch movements, which greatly improves the operation efficiency.

The SDS2000X HD also allows users to access and control the spectrum analyzer through a web browser which saves time, simplifies remote operation, and reduces the chance of mistakes.

Powerful Measurement Functions

​The SDS2000X HD supports many parameter measurements, including 4 categories: horizontal, vertical, miscellaneous, and CH delay providing a total of 50+ different types of measurements. Measurements can be performed within a specified gate period. Measurements on Math, Reference, and History frames are supported.

Power Loop Response Analysis

Stability is a very important indicator in power supply design. In general, stability measurement requires a special frequency response analyzer, but it is very expensive. Siglent offers an affordable solution: the oscilloscope can control the built-in waveform generator or a stand-alone SIGLENT generator, to scan the amplitude and phase-frequency response of the DUT, and display the data as a Bode Plot. This makes it possible to replace expensive network analyzers in some applications   
· Higher measurement sensitivity and accuracy   
· Variable excitation scan mode allowed for complex test scenarios of the power control loop test box   
· User-friendly UI design   
· List and cursor measurements, more intuitive   


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