Tải giả điện tử DC TongHui TH8412Tải giả điện tử DC TongHui TH8412
Tải giả điện tử lập trình 500V 30A TongHui TH8412Tải giả điện tử lập trình 500V 30A TongHui TH8412

TH8412 Programmable DC Load

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Performance characteristics

  • Input: 350W (500V/30A)
  • High accuracy and high resolution: 1mV/0.1mA
  • 25kHz dynamic mode
  • High speed: 500kHz synchoronous sampling
  • 4.3 inch 24-color 480*272 TFT LCD screen, with Chinese and English user interface
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Voltage/current ripple, peak, and valley measurements
  • Voltage/current waveform display
  • Provides more than 10 practical functions
    • Static operation: CC, CV, CR vaf CP mode
    • Dynamic operation: List, CR-LED, Battery test, timing test, OCP, OVP, OPP, Load effect, sweep, and auto test
  • Numeric keypad and knob operation
  • Print screen function
  • Intelligent fan control
  • Software control and detection through computer
  • Provide Handler interface for automation system
  • SCPI protocol


■ Power

   Chargers, switching power supply, communication power, LED drivers, cell phone batteries, portable power source

■ New energy

   Solar cells, new power vehicles, electric bicycles 

■ Electronic power components

   Fuse / Connector / Relay / Sensor

■ Automated equipment integration testing

Technical Parameter

Model TH8401 TH8402A TH8402 TH8411 TH8412
Rated value Power 175W 350W 350W 175W 350W
Voltage 150V 150V 150V 500V 500V
Current 30A 30A 60A 15A 30A
Min. Operation Voltage 1.5V @ 30A 1.2V @ 30A 1.5V @ 60A 1.8V @15A 3V @ 30A
Min. Rising Time 20uS
Static Mode Constant Current (CC) Mode, Constant Resistance (CR)   Mode, Constant Voltage (CV) Mode, and Constant Power (CP) Mode.
Voltage Range 0~15V 0~150V 0~15V 0~150V 0~15V 0~150V 0~50V 0~500V 0~50V 0~500V
Setting Resolution 0.2mV 2mV 0.2mV 2mV 0.2mV 2mV 0.2mV 2mV 0.2mV 2mV
Accuracy 0.05%+0.05%FS
Measurement Resolution 1mV 10mV 1mV 10mV 1mV 10mV 1mV 10mV 1mV 10mV
Accuracy 0.08%+0.05%FS
Current Range 0~3A 0~30A 0~3A 0~30A 0~6A 0~60A 0~1.5A 0~15A 0~3A 0~30A
Setting Resolution 0.05mA 0.5mA 0.05mA 0.5mA 0.1mA 1mA 0.05mA 0.5mA 0.05mA 0.5mA
Accuracy 0.05%+0.05%FS
Measurement Resolution 0.1mA 1mA 0.1mA 1mA 0.1mA 1mA 0.1mA 1mA 0.1mA 1mA
Accuracy 0.08%+0.05%FS
Resistance Range 0.05Ω~30kΩ 0.04Ω~30kΩ 0.03Ω~20kΩ 0.12Ω~30kΩ 0.1Ω~30kΩ
Resolution 0.1Ω
Accuracy 1%
Power Range 0~175W 0~350w 0~350w 0~175W 0~350w
Resolution 10mW 10mW 10mW 10mW 10mW
Accuracy 0.5%+0.1%FS
Dynamic Mode
Dynamic Mode Range 20 uS ~ 60S
Resolution 2 uS
Accuracy 1us+100ppm
Rising Slope 0.6A/ms~1.5A/µs 0.6A/ms~1.5A/µs 1.2A/ms~3A/µs 0.3A/ms~0.75A/µs 0.6A/ms~1.5A/µs
Ripple Range 0~15V 0~150V 0~15V 0~150V 0~15V 0~150V 0~50V 0~500V 0~50V 0~500V
Band Width 250kHz
Accuracy 0.1%
Protection Function Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection(OCO),   Over Power Protection(OPP).
Storage Internal 20 groups
General Specification
Volume(W*H*D) 350mm*122mm*425mm
Weight 3kg 4.8kg 4.8kg 3kg 4.8kg
Power Source Power source voltage: 220V(1±10%),Power source frequency:   50Hz/60Hz(1±5%),Power Consumption: <50VA
Temperature and Humidity 0℃~40℃,Humidity: < 90%RH