Semiautomatic Solder Printer NEODEN YS600

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Semiautomatic Stencil Printer NEODEN YS600:

YS600 is the Semi-automatic solder printer for PCB assembly Technical parameters: This printer can be used in SMT production lines, match with PCB loader, SMT conveyor, pick and place machine, reflow oven to build-up assembly lines for PCB production.


  • YS600 works as a semi-automatic machine, so users can easily adjust and repair the position of the stencil and solder paste.
  • PCB sizes up to 600mm x 240mm (total printing area is 700mm x 320mm) and PCB thickness levels from 0.2mm to 2mm.
  • The printing scraper can be rotated 45 degrees fixed, making it easy to clean and replace the stencil.
  • Combined with the fixed groove printing platen and PIN. Therefore, easy to install and adjustable for single or double sided PCB printing.
  • Automatic counting function is convenient for output statistics.


Model NEODEN YS600
PCB size 600*240 mm
Printing area 700*320 mm
PCB fixed system pin positioning
Frame size L(370-750)*W(470-850)
Adjusting for table front/rear±10 mm,left/right±10 mm
Printing Accuracy 0.2-2.0 mm
Air source 4-6 kg/cm2
Power supply AC220V 50 Hz
Dimension L900*W700*H1700
Gross weight 310kg